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Updated: Nov 25, 2020

The question is, more of what?

In the financial world, we associate the word more with more finances and a larger bank account balance.

More simply means to increase - to gain.

Who doesn't want to gain more and more and more?! That's completely normal - this is the human condition. We were all created to desire the gain of more.


The challenge becomes - to gain what exactly?

  1. Gaining in a bank account balance?

  2. Gaining in our ability to contribute?


Though there is nothing inherently evil about wanting more financial wins, it can however reveal that we are actually desiring to score big financially before we have given the world something of real value.

Why do we do this?

Because we seek affirmation - an affirmation from others that we are good enough. Ouch!

The problem lurking in all of this is...

When we look for affirmation, we tend to label things as good and bad. This is a real problem!

When we label what has value and what does not, we can no longer learn from the losses in our life, because losses are considered as 'bad' to most people.

When we label good and bad

  • We can't ignite and unleash our superpowers into the world.

  • We can't and won't ever fully live our passion and purpose.

  • We can't and won't ever bring the world what it has asked of each of us - to contribute something uniquely meaningful.


We must now learn to link our desire for more financial wins, to the heart of what we really want....


for when we contribute more, we tend to gain in the financial areas of our life!

Wishing you much gain,

James Heppner

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