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Polen Capital


"I have been working with James for many years now and can honestly say that I look forward to our calls. 
James always plays full out and calls it tight. I find it invaluable to have another perspective—not just a passive perspective, but an independent and informed perspective from someone that is
fully invested in my life. James is dedicated to helping me move through any challenges, to celebrate and leverage my successes, to live life fully, and to feel it all deeply. 
Everyone needs a James in their life!"

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Doctor of Chiropractic


I joined Heppner Results Coaching in order to elevate both my business intelligence and personal relationship skills. Realizing now, how intimately connected these are, I have been able to strengthen my decision-making skills and take real action towards my dreams and goals. The coaching with James and Meg has awakened the innate wisdom and drawn my true values out so that I can experience life on the highest level. The coaching is very individualized, interactive, and specific to my needs. Finding the right coach to assist anyone who desires growth is crucial to life success. I especially liked the fact that they offer a "discovery" call to see if you are a good fit! You owe it to yourself to make that call!

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Director Sales & Marketing
Wolfe Auto Group


"James takes a complete investment in me, my life, my home, and my work.

He listens and critiques my concerns without judgment - something that no one else has ever done for me before. 

This has allowed me to overcome & champion concerns that earlier would have tripped me up. 

My relationship with my wife has never been better, my self-confidence has boosted, and my career has blossomed.".

Cornelson Inc


"Recently, I came to one of our 1:1 Coaching calls feeling really heavy and burdened in the mind. 
After the call, I felt a lot lighter and had the inner certainty that I had the capacity to handle what was directly before me. I have realized that everything is happening for me and that I now want to accept the challenge in a playful curious way.  By stepping into life more lightly, I am learning to let go of old paradigms that are holding me back."

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VP Business Development
Concept Industries 


"James is a great coach - So effective in bringing the needed perspective, James speaks truths that assist me in discovering my core values and clarifying my 'must haves'. A pivotal break thru moment came on a recent coaching call where I learned how to stay true to my core values and didn't compromise no matter the situation. 
As a peacekeeper personality, it was important for me to rediscover my core values as I lost sight of them trying to live for others' approval above my values and needs.
Life becomes so much simpler without undue stress. Thanks, James!!"

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Polen Capital


"James is insightful, expressive, and knowledgeable. He opened my eyes to many aspects of my life and relationships that I either took for granted or frankly, wasn’t seeing clearly. In our coaching sessions, he is able to unpack things I interpreted one way by drilling down a few layers to reveal my own thinking and to shed new light on other parties’ thoughts and instincts. These exchanges happen in each coaching session and really help me better understand all manner of issues. James is helping me to better know myself, to have more meaningful relationships, and to live a fuller life. I am grateful to know him."

Founder & Director
Chaos Inc.


"James is a great coach. He doesn't just dig into emotionally and mentally weak places that you need to grow: he gives you the tools to move past them, and handle them yourself when they crop back up. Rather than staying in a place of "fixing" yourself, he helps you move past that, into conversations where you're tackling higher-level strategic life and business problems as a team. I couldn't recommend him more highly."

Are you Embracing and Utilizing or Self Sabotaging? 


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