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Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Censorship attempts to repress and suppress, but ultimately it can't keep down what's most alive. In simplistic terms, censorship is when people choose to take everything that seems unsuitable and then deny its existence. When we deny it just goes underground.

Everything that you try to suppress and repress in society or in yourself, will invariably bubble up to the surface.

Instead of hiding things by pushing it all down, the wiser option is to bring it all to the surface. To try to push it down and out of sight doesn't mean that it is gone, it just means that you've made it harder for yourself. The further you distance yourself from what you've labeled as 'unsuitable', the more difficult it will be to detect the very things that are holding you from the rich life experience that you really want.

The further you push down, the deeper the disguise. The deeper the disguise the further you are from spotting what's holding you back and ultimately what's controlling your destiny.

Sadly, censorship seduces many people and organizations as it promises temporary relief. Relief from the real work of tooling through things properly.

The reality is this... Attempting to create a long term solution through avoidance... is an illusion at best! It will never happen. Censorship always delivers consistent long term pain and needless suffering.


If you want to make it really easy for yourself, you'll want to keep your sightlines clear and open. You'll want to keep your vision crystal clear and free from the ultimate blindfold called censorship that always keeps you trapped and unable to move forward. I challenge you to make the wise choice of working through things as they first show up and come into view for the first time.

Wishing you much freedom from suppressing and repressing,

James Heppner

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