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What if 10 minutes a day of max exertion was all you needed?


John Jaquish is arguably one of today's most grounded and radically honest authorities on the science of power performance and musculature strength today.

His simplistic breakthrough innovations continue to shock the world.

John has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, LA Times, NBC Sports, GQ, Maxim.

John has recently been featured on Dave Asprey's, podcast. Dave is the father of the bioHacking revolution.

John's breakthrough muscle gain equipment also forms a pivotal layer of Tony Robbins baseline health rituals. Tony is known to many as a force of nature that's a gentle giant with a mega tonne of raw vibrant energy.

Because John and I have developed a close friendship over the years, he's allowed me to ask him tough personal and professional questions that he's never been asked before.

THERE ARE MASSIVE GAPS OF UNTRUTH INSIDE THE WEIGHT LIFTING SPACE TODAY So much razzle and dazzle that promotes "powering through your pain" as the way to go, when in reality it actually only slows and weakens the power performance show. Training to pain thresholds - NOT BEYOND - is how you build max strength and gain the greatest lean muscle mass that delivers sheer power performance with resounding consistency. What I probably love most about John's work and innovative creations is that they really work. Specific NBA teams have ditched their entire gym equipment gear and now only utilize John's patented rotating bar and unique style of bands that are radically different than anything available inside the market. I personally lost 30lbs of body fat and gained 30lbs of muscle in my mid 40's without the useless strain that's heavily promoted inside the world of bodybuilding. Speaking of less strain, let's just say, I work out 10 minutes a day, 4-5x per week. Drumroll... THAT'S LESS THAN 1 HOUR OF MUSCLE STRENGTH GAIN WORK PER WEEK! The truth is, the sport of bodybuilding as it stands today likely won't survive. Why? Think about it... How desirous and sustainable is their current message that says that you need to get all oiled up and stand in underwear as they judge your physique? How desirous and sustainable is all of this when you include the fact that; A) you've starved your body to get here, B) which has you limp to the stage in a plethora of pain, a pain that you are desperately trying hard to hide? WHO DOESN'T HAVE 10min A DAY? For those of you that say, "yup that's me"... I challenge you to to reconsider what it could look like if you'd take back the ownership reins of your life. John and I have become close friends over the last several years. John is my style... RAW, AUTHENTIC, WITH NO BS. John will never participate with what isn't proven. He gets to the base of things real quick and hits it at the exact point where it compounds for the greatest effect. John will do the opposite of waste your time, John will maximize and likely create you more time on this earth. If you want to toil less and deliver more... If you want to up-regulate your health with less time engaged in ineffective workouts inside the gym and more strategic training for optimal musculature gain wherever you are... You'll want to tune into this podcast. INSIDE THIS LITTLE PODCAST, YOU'LL EXPERIENCE POWER PERFORMANCE NUGGETS LIKE;

  • How is "out of control" muscular strength growth possible for not only the extreme athlete but for you as well. Discover the specific method you can utilize to activate your strenght gain ability. Entrain your body to grow in a similar fashion as the extreme athletes who have this rare genetic mutation to grow strength beyond normal metrics

  • How to best achieve getting your muscle to fire and activate, without wearing down any of your precious ATP

  • How to build muscle mass without ending up in a wheelchair as most professional bodybuilders do

  • How to avoid the exact singular ingredient that's found at the core of the fitness industry that disallows the fitness industry its ability to help its clients gain the raw strength and specific growth they crave most

  • Discover what seems to create the largest impingement to muscular strength gain

  • How specifically to avoid becoming strong and FAT. at the same time Tap into the specific protein that allows you to be in caloric deficient, all the while supplying you with a protein surplus for optimal muscle gain

  • How to go to fatigue - in EVERY range of motion



Enjoy the show. If you realize, think or feel that you need me, feel free to reach out to me by sending me an email at


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