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...And then, suddenly out of nowhere, it all exploded outward. I passed a sideways glance at Meg and said... "This will be our best year ever. You and I will bring more than we've ever brought before. You and I will simply deliver and plow in more value than ever before. This is our opportunity in disguise."

We didn't say another word as we walked back to our home. The tone had been set - a decisive decision had been made. To be honest, I didn't know exactly how we'd convert this downturn into our upturn, however, I was resolute, steady, and sure of my decision.

That was then this is now. Last year we more than doubled our profits, our influence and our sense of certainty and stability. During a time when the world was economically and emotionally insecure, we became more secure, more stable, and more sure-footed.

I challenge you to reboot your life and take back the controls of your life as we did I challenge you to join me for your 90 days to Mental, Emotional, and Physical Mastery. I'll show you our exact roadmap. I'll reveal everything including the specific mindset and personal behaviors that allowed us to convert the downturn into our upturn. I'll guide you to creating a step by step action plan to confidently and firmly establish 2021 as your year of the upturn.

Trust me, if we could do it, then so can you!




Who and what sets the tone of your day? Is it you or is it the phone, email, or some other valuable thing that just happens to now completely distract you from getting your day started off right?

What does it feel like to begin another day with high hopes, yet have it all disintegrate into what feels like yet another day that was largely wasted? What is it about you intrinsically knowing that you could have performed measurably better as you reflect over your day just before you hit the pillow?

Ever wonder why we seem to want to own so many things like vacation homes, cars, diamonds, and other physical objects, yet we struggle to lay claim to actively participating with owning ourselves?

You see, it goes a little like this... The truth is we all have the need for control - that's just basic psychology 101. Seeking control is healthy, provided we seek it in the right way. Our 2 basic options are simple; seek it from others or seek to bring it from within.

It just so happens that control is much easier to seek and demand from other people than it is to bring it from within. The unfortunate reality is that looking to get your need of control met through others will always leave you with feelings of short term victory, yet deliver the ultimate reality of deep suffering.

Self-induced. That's what most of life is. We do it to ourselves. We either do behaviors that bring us joy and fulfillment or we choose to bring personal behaviors that bring us much suffering and misery. There is nothing more important than setting the tone of your day. It is what we have complete and ultimate control over.

Though your emails are begging you to read them before you even crawl out of bed, you are the master of when they will be read and addressed to completion. Though your texts are screaming for your attention, you my friend get to decide when would be the optimally best and most strategic time of the day to attend to them well.

You get to decide and you are at the controls. Will you self-induce a deeply purposeful and richly meaningful day or will you'll opt to self-induce a near waste of a day that's filled with regrets and emptiness?

It's time to make a decision on ownership - the ownership of you. Who and what owns you? Does your phone or your to-do list own you - or do you own them?

Are you willing to be responsible for your day? Are you willing to own it all? What fears come up for you when you realize that ownership of yourself requires authentic accountability with yourself? How will you work with these fears in such a way that drives you forward in an empowered way?

So many things to consider - yet only 1 decision is needed from you right now.

From this day forward who owns you?

Do you own You or does anyone or anything get a shot at completely running and controlling your life?

I like to look at it this way....

To the exact degree that you claim full ownership of yourself, is to the exact degree that you'll successfully follow through with setting the tone of your day at the very beginning of your day.

You see, when you fully own you, setting the tone of your day is the very first thing you do when you wake up. It isn't #2 on the list... rather it has to dominate position #1. There can be no negotiating, the decision must be absolute and unwavering, for to do otherwise will result in you just being drawn in by another urgent matter that will derail yet another precious day.

What's most important is always beyond what's most urgent.

The urgent things of life can wait.

Important to decide and act on today is..... THE OWNERSHIP OF YOU.

See you all here next week where I'll unpack creating New Solutions.

If you would like more information on the REBOOT YOUR LIFE - 90 DAYS TO MASTERY PROGRAM, click here.

Walking this journey with you,

James Heppner

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