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hAPPY NAKED new year,

Just like birth, death is an experience that each one of us will share as a common experience while on this earth.

"GEEZ James that kind of heavy for this time of year wouldn't you say?"

Remembering and reminding myself that I’ll be dead at some point and maybe even sooner than I think, has been a pivotal tool in my life.

Because when you think about it, almost everything, all heaviness of external expectations, all silliness of unhelpful pride, all fear of embarrassment, all fear of perceived failure or realized failure; all these things just seem to melt away in the face of death, leaving only what actually matters.

Choosing to connect daily with the reality that you are going to die is one of the best ways I know to avoid the ever-illusive and seductive trap of thinking that you have something to lose.

Truth is…

You and I have always been naked. We will always be naked.

You and I are already laid bare. We are already fully naked.

You and I stand here each day naked, with nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Why run from that nakedness that you are and can never get away from?

Why seek to flee from your unique humanity that seems to be drawn to specific flavors of curiosity?

Why attempt to shield yourself from the very thing, the raw humanity which always seems to bring you courageous vibrancy?


Will you just let yourself be the naked that you've always been?

Will you finally let go and drop into the lightness that living nakedly raw always seems to bring?

Will you finally drop all the unhelpful layers that make it near impossible for people to build an authentic relationship with you?

You are already naked...

Therefore, there is no reason not to follow your heart.

hAPPY NAKED new years eve.

May you end this year and start the next year heart wide open.

May you live each and every day of 2022... passionately & compassionately invested - heart on your sleeve, "hAPPILY NAKED"

Happy New Year

I wish you much joy and celebration.


James Heppner



Real-life is made up of both Wins and Losses - both were designed for our good and that's basic reality!

Without facing and learning how to embrace your losses for greater gain, you miss out. You leave 50% of your life experience on the table.

In these Podcasts, James will help you in your journey to embrace all of life - both Wins and Losses equally. To gain the courage needed to do the difficult things, learning to pivot with power and poise, while gaining the mental and emotional mastery needed to truly live a fulfilled life.

Waiting not for the storm to pass, but instead, jumping at the opportunity to engage now. James is a self-help hacker and strategist that helps people live fully alive - passionate and fulfilled consistently.


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