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Amy Ku is a licensed pharmacist - quite unique and radically different in her style. She understands how drugs work however she's also someone who believes we need to change our environmental factors to get healthy again.

That is, drugs are NOT enough.

Amy's journey inside her own chronic health condition led her from primarily embracing conventional medicine to throwing open wide the door to now INCLUDE unconventional holistic medicine to shape a well-informed more complete view. This allows Amy to observe clearly what's really going on behind the scenes. Finding a human that is both able and willing to Integrate the brilliant world of science with the mystical world of nature is an extremely rare find inside the pharmaceutical world.

A WIDE & HOSTILE DIVIDE BETWEEN SCIENCE & NATURE One side feels threatened that it won't be the superior one - the other side feels threatened it will be the inferior one. Round and round the carousel goes. Not one, but two platforms with their own tribal riders. Side by side in a conflicted version of madness they spin, each focused on the same general health outcomes, yet strangely so charged against one another. Non-Friendly! Non-Collabortive! Un-Helpful! Both carousels have eager riders, and both seem to have one thing in common... Fear and deeply threatened by the other. The riders on the science health carousel seem somewhat closed to having even the most simplistic conversation with the riders on the natural health carousel. Similarly, the natural health riders seem rather strongly disinterested and not genuinely open to having a playful conversation with the science health riders. BOTH SEEM TO HAVE THE RIGHT ANSWERS, AND NO ONE SEEMS TO BE OVERLY CURIOUS ABOUT WHAT THEY MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT THE LEARNT VIEW OF THE OTHER. QUESTION: What would it take to have the world of nutritional supplements and "natural" health modalities, comfortably sit next to the world of science and doctor-prescribed drugs, and flip the switch that would stop the vicious spin of their own respective carousels, so that they could finally just stop, talk and get to know the good intentions behind their individual efforts? QUESTION: What could happen when both would lean in and choose to go beyond their own feelings of perceived "loss"? What could likely happen in that non-hostile moment of togetherness? Might it open both to an entirely different way of tooling into things? QUESTION: What manner of magical and brilliant collaborative discovery would simply unveil itself if these 2 warring tribes would choose to allow their differing styles to be the needed thing that actually made their own approach even more helpful? Honestly, I think we all enjoy a great festival. With more than 2 carousals? Sure. Yet it seems to me that when we see multiple carousals together in a collaborative engagement of eagerly desiring to help make the "other" better, move to a hostile and toxic threat environment of fearful competition, we tend to ask ourselves the question... what's the purpose of all this nonsense anyway! Truth is, both carousels are spinning health. Truth is, both carousels are about attempting to give their riders the best health experience possible. Though it's obvious that both carousels have a uniquely different approach, would it not seem only logical that both would collaborate and be eager to work together because they are working towards the exact same target of health? WHICH SIDE ARE HAVE YOU BEEN ON? BETTER YET, HOW ABOUT WE DON'T JOIN ANY "SIDE" BUT RATHER, BE ABOUT HELPING TO BUILD A BRIDGE THAT BRINGS BOTH SCIENCE AND NATURE TOGETHER TO FORM A DIVERSE AND RICH FIELD OF GENUINE INQUIRY THAT IS OPEN AND WILLING TO LEARN FROM EACH OTHER. BEYOND BEING WORRIED ABOUT LOSING THEIR SPOT IN THEIR COMPETITIVE DRIVE TOWARDS THEIR PERCEIVED TOP SPOT AS ULTIMATE WINNER. IF YOU LIKE... EXPERIENCE A RAW, HONEST & UNFILTERED CONVERSATION WITH A HOLISTIC PHARMACIST BY GOING TO PODCAST PAGE AND TUNE INTO EPISODE #20 where we talk about...

  • The problem with seeing your health concerns as a problem to be solved

  • We've been BRAINWASHED - how dumbing it down never works

  • Fighting to see how and why you are wrong, leads to magical discovery

  • Health is a multi-variant playground not a solvable by a magic cure tablet

  • Creating a health modality that offers a unique blend of conventional, alternative, and integrative programs to help maintain your good health and treat a wide range of diseases

  • Owning your most powerful moment - stating where you struggle most vs. pumping up your personal accolades

Enjoy the show. If you realize, think or feel that you need me, feel free to reach out to me by sending me an email at James Heppner


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