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Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Why wait for sleep to clean your slate and freshen up your mind?

Why wait for sleep to engage in your superpower of forgetting when you can embrace it as many times as you'd like throughout your day?

Remembering doesn’t lead you to the most profound of new breakthroughs - forgetting does.

Think about it, you're running low on fumes while sitting at your table where all the creating happens. You decide to hit the pillow and unhitch yourself from it all.

You wake - fresh as a bird, and pop up.

Before you've even come back to your pen and paper - the new perspective arrives. It just sort of drops into your awareness, like out of no where. Boom there it is.

Your creation now all comes together.

What made this possible? Forgetting!

We each have a few moments when we wake when we are completely new, and not tethered to the old.

The trick is to develop the art of forgetting beyond just when we sleep and wake.

Forgetting is essential, It makes room for the new ideas to erupt forward without willpower.
Remembering keeps us tethered to the old.

You see, Fear of forgetting something super meaningful is actually a lie.

Impactful and important information that you want and need to pull up when needed most will always be at your fingertips as your subconscious stores all your memories.

It's time to forget!

Wishing you a healthy dose of forgetfulness,

James Heppner

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